Day Treatment Program

Michael Garron Hospital's (MGH) mental health day treatment program is conducted by a multidisciplinary team and offers a limited group orientated treatment. Clients attend groups four days per week from Monday to Thursday. The expected length of stay in the program is four months. Following discharge, clients attend a weekly group (one hour) for six weeks.

This therapeutic community strives to provide a sense of belonging, acceptance and tolerance by challenging its members to actively participate in their rehabilitation process. There is a strong emphasis on individual goal setting and stress management. 

We provide:

  • psychoeducational groups
  • individual supportive therapy
  • ongoing medication review
  • monthly outings

Weekly schedule:

  • morning check-in
  • gentle stretching exercises
  • planning for discharge
  • communication skills
  • mindfulness meditation
  • orientation group (new clients)
  • creative expression
  • goal setting
  • life skills
  • sharing personal interests
  • wellness and healthy living
  • weekend planning
  • yoga (when available)

Referral Criteria

In keeping with the treatment goals outlined in our philosophy, an appropriate client would:

  • reside in the MGH catchment area
  • be 18 years or older and motivated to engage in a group therapy setting
  • be willing to attend the program daily and participate in all groups
  • have stable housing and be able to get to and from the Hospital daily
  • be able to identify specific issues and treatment goals they want to work on
  • be medically stable and able to attend regularly
  • not be acutely suicidal, homicidal, severely psychotic or organically impaired
  • not be currently abusing alcohol, drugs or other substances
Referral forms
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