As per the Ontario Government's new testing guidelines, our COVID-19 Assessment Centre is no longer accepting new bookings for asymptomatic individuals. All scheduled appointments made on or before Thursday, September 24 will be honoured. For more information about our Assessment Centre, please visit our Centre website.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Inpatient Service

The goal of Michael Garron Hospital's inpatient child and adolescent mental health program is to promote the stabilization and resolution of mental health crises in children and youth up to age 17.

We provide assessment, stabilization and treatment for children and youth who present with acute safety concerns and/or serious mental illness that cannot be treated in the community. Our treatment philosophy is strength-based and child and family-centered. We work closely with a child’s community supports. Our focus is on short-term interventions with the goal of transitioning the child or youth safely back into their family, often to continue treatment in the community until the concerns have fully resolved.

Our program is delivered by an experienced interdisciplinary team that includes child and youth workers, registered nurses, social workers and psychiatrists, as well as trainees in each of these disciplines.

Most of our admissions come through our emergency department. Other routes include transfers from other hospitals and direct admissions from our outpatient program.

Referring physicians click here for information about accessing an emergency mental health consultation.

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