Child & Adolescent Emergency Mental Health Consultation: For Healthcare Providers

A child and adolescent emergency mental health consultation is indicated if there is an immediate need for a crisis mental health assessment in hospital due to serious safety concerns that may require inpatient admission. This includes:

  • risk of suicide or serious violence
  • acute psychosis or mania
  • severe depression with safety concerns, severely impaired functioning or risk of imminent physical compromise
  • medication concerns or adverse medication reactions requiring emergency assessment
  • serious functional compromise not responding to outpatient intervention

Please refer to the emergency department. Consider alerting the child and adolescent crisis worker at 416-469-6580 ext. 2297.

Please fax any relevant referral information to 416-469-6179. 

Consider including the HEADS-ED screening tool.

The emergency consultation will not include a full psychiatric assessment. Please use other consultation options to access a full assessment in non-emergent situations.

Any referrals to the emergency department that do not meet the criteria for an emergency mental health consultation may be referred by the emergency physician to our urgent care intake worker for alternative options, including urgent psychiatric consultation, routine psychiatric consultation or rapid access community resources. Please contact the urgent care worker at 416-469-6580 ext. 2297 for further details or questions.

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