Family Birthing Centre: Register With Us

Expectant parents will be given a pre-registration package by their doctor or midwife to fill out and bring to the Family Birthing Centre . In the package, you will find a pre-registration Booklet, a request for preferred room accommodation form, a class registration form and a pre-admission questionnaire. 

The pre-admission questionnaire is made up of questions to help us get to know you and prepare for your upcoming hospital stay. This information is important to us because it helps us determine your and your family's needs. Please click here for a copy of the Family Birthing Centre Pre-Registration package.

Bring completed forms to the Maternal, Newborn and Child Reception Desk located on G7 prior to 30 weeks of pregnancy. We do not accept registrations by email.


What should I bring to pre-register?

  • A completed pre-admission questionnaire
  • A valid health card
  • Extended health benefits Information, if applicable
  • Immigration documents, if applicable


If you do not have a care provider for your pregnancy, please see the bottom of our Family Birthing Centre page of a list of obstetricians, family physicians and midwives who have privileges at our hospital.

For more information, please call (416) 469-6130.

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