John Bradley Clinical Research Program (JBCRP)

The John Bradley Clinical Research Program has been developed to provide scholarly support for students from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, University of Toronto, University of Western and others who are undertaking applied research projects. The Program offers students a comprehensive research-learning framework, in which they are exposed to experts in the field of research ethics, study design, quality improvement, grantsmanship, knowledge translation and other areas. Students are expected to conduct, ‘describe, define and defend’ their research projects within this framework. The integration of international students promotes transatlantic research collaboration. Students are encouraged to learn from each other’s research endeavours and upon the discovery of a mutual research interest, the program facilitates student collaboration.

Through this program, we are hoping to increase local and international student clinical research understanding and capacity. The John Bradley Clinical Research Program increases applied research skills of students and research supervisors, contributing to quality improvement initiatives and research endeavours to improve patient care and outcomes. Research projects will be evaluated and prepared for knowledge translation processes, such as publications and presentations. Fundamentally, the program supports student research which can be implemented locally and globally.

How To Get Involved

You may become involved in the JBCRP in a variety of ways.

  • Developing your skills as a student
  • Building your research capacity as a Principal Investigator
  • Sharing your knowledge and experience as a Panelist


This program is currently closed. 
Thank you for your interest.

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