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LucyAnn Harriman
LucyAnn Harriman

#IamMGH – Meet LucyAnn Harriman

Originally shared on November 6, 2018

#IamMGH tells the story of our people. Meet LucyAnn Harriman, environmental aide.

“I was cleaning the room of a patient the other day; the lady was very sick and she was in for treatment. On her last day at the hospital, I came in to clean and tidy her room as usual and I saw she was getting ready to go home. She thanked me for cleaning her room every day that she was there and making her smile. I helped her with her clothes. It really touched my heart that I was able to brighten her day while she was going through a tough time.

Interacting with patients is really the best part of my job. Anything I can do to brighten their day, whether it’s a smile or telling them a joke is rewarding to me. I’ve been working here for nine years and I still love it."

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